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Welcome to the 29 Chamber of Commerce. We are proud to serve the businesses and communities of 29 states in USA.

The Chamber is truly the front door to our communities; one of the first places that consumers, prospective new businesses, new residents and companies looking to relocate and to find out information about our area. Our mission and purpose is to strengthen the business community while preserving and enhancing the quality of life in our area. The success of any business community translates directly to the success of the entire community. Our members and staff work together to make our entire area strong.

When consumers know that a local business is involved with the Chamber, they are more likely to do business with that company because it’s perceived as more thrustworthy, involved in the community and supporting the local economy. According to a national research study conducted by the Schapiro Group, 74% of people prefer to do business with a member of their local Chamber of Commerce.

We encourage you to use this website as a resource for any of your business or consumer needs.

Our Services

The Mission of our services at 29 Chamber of Commerce is to promote business interests and protect the free enterprise system, to pursue a healthy economy and strive for a better quality of life in our community.

Legislative Affairs

Through their Chamber relationship, area business people are invited to meet with State Representatives and State Senators on a quarterly basis to discuss legislation that affects their business. The Chamber`s newsletter is direct mailed to all members to inform them of legislative issues important to their business.

Economy Affair

Designated as an Associate Office of the Department of Commerce, the Chamber works with local city and town government to keep members aware of the issues that can effect their business. A cooperative relationship exists between the Chamber and AIM, NFIB, SBA, the Bristol Workforce Investment Board and other organizations.

Business Network

An enjoyable monthly networking program sponsored either at a member`s business or at a local facility to provide an opportunity for informal, one-on-one business introductions. The Chamber encourages its` members to do business with each other, and all 600+ company chamber members are invited

Community Involve

The Chamber has several Award recognition programs including The Teacher of the Year Award, The Person of the Year Award, and “The ATHENA Award” to Promote Women`s Leadership Awareness. A Magic Show and a Holiday Benefit Show take place during the year and the Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefits.

Group Insurance

The Chamber offers its members group medical and dental insurance including Aetna US Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield MA, Harvard /Pilgrim Health Care, Tufts Associated Health Plans, Neighborhood Health Plan, United Health Care and Delta Dental Care.

Disability Insurance

Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance offers a premium discount of 10% to Chamber members with guarantee issue beginning at two employees. Chamber Members get low-cost disability insurance available to the self-employed and small business as well.

Discount Program

Member-To-Member Discounts are offered to members and their employees, providing for savings on many items such as printing, marketing services, gift items, florists, bed & breakfast inns, motels, auto service, jewelry, computer services, legal.

Speaker Programs

This extremely popular Chamber function presents attendees with enlightening speakers on subjects of current local interest. Business leaders are therefore given the opportunity to be updated on many topics of interest on varied subjects and individual interest.

Small Business

A knowledgeable representative is available for one-on-one conferences with entrepreneurs and others to assist them, at no charge, with business development issues.


Low-cost training programs that assist members in creating solid management basics. Seminars are conveniently held at the Chamber office facility to minimize travel issues.

Business Directory

A Community Guide that lists Chamber members alphabetically and by classification. Distributed throughout the business community, the directory is a tool in connecting.


Meeting room is available for use by Chamber members. In addition, mailing labels and membership lists are provided at a reasonable cost to members to be used as a resource.

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Some of Our Members

  • Halvorson Software, an internet consulting company, provides internet, information and technology consulting and solutions to many companies throughout New England. Our services include strategic internet consulting, internet marketing, site interface and interaction, internet presence and business consulting through technology.
    Halvorson Software
  • McLaughlin Inc. has provided heating products to southeastern Massachusetts residents since 1873. Comprehensive maintenance programs, easy payment plans and top notch service make Stamm, Kassulke and McLaughlin Inc. the smart choice. It's not just a slogan - "You can rely on Stamm, Kassulke and McLaughlin Inc."
    McLaughlin Inc
  • Moore-Kovacek is a full service benefit management company, managing benefits for more than 300 employers of all sizes, industries and locations. We combine all the pieces of benefit management into a single service package: plan consulting, claims administration, concierge-level customer service, health & fitness promotion.

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